Google Glass – Is there a use for it?

In June last year Google announced the release of Google Glass in the UK. It had a very hefty price tag at £1000 which was designed to deter consumers and promote use amongst hard core techies and those who really intended to explore and find new uses for the product.

At Footsqueek we are always keen to explore new technology and see what it can be used for so we thought we would invest.

Initially its fair to say that glass had a WOW factor – no-one had seen anything like it before and it was surprising the number of people in the street who wanted to try it on and have a play. It was a little disappointing how few apps were available in the Glassware store but for the first 3 or 4 weeks we literally could not put Glass down.

Then the novelty wore off – we became irritated by how limiting the interface is; quirks such as it being impossible to hashtag from glass when sending a tweet and also the lack of integration with iOS. We also found one of the biggest limitations was that you need to spend so much time talking to it “Ok Glass” this and “OK Glass” that – talking to yourself just doesn’t “look” cool. Also imagine if 10 people in the same room had Glass – surely we would all end up talking to each others devices and having our own devices activate when we don’t want them to.

So with all of that said …. does that mean we hate glass?

NO! We just don’t think its ready yet – and given that Google isn’t pushing it perhaps they don’t think it is either. We are also not convinced that it will ever become a true consumer product and that it has a far greater appeal for use in business. Maybe the role of Glass is to assist supermarket staff when doing a stock take, or finding products on shelves. Or maybe it could help on a building site when a bricklayer has his hands full and needs to consult a document.

Or maybe Glass has another use that we haven’t yet considered ….. to this end we’ve decided to see what we can come up with. On 31st January we are holding a Footsqueek Hackathon and the topic is “An App for Google Glass”. It will be interesting to see what ideas we can come up with – and of course we’ll let you know!

Have you tried Google Glass?  Or do you have an opinion to share? Let us know!

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