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iPad 3 – Are we going to see a new iPad in March?

Speculation is rife across the internet concerning the imminent launch of the apple iPad 3. This week the rumour mill went into overdrive as it was reported by several technology sites (including AllThingsD and iMore) that the new device will be launched on March 7th 2012.
Many questions surround the launch, not least what will the new product be called – will the market stand the release of an iPad 2s? Or is consumer demand focussed on accepting nothing less than a true next generation iPad 3?
Another key concern is that the iPad 2 has only been on the market for 12 months. It is surely unlikely that early adopters of iPad 2 will be willing to upgrade so quickly – perhaps, however, iPad 2 users are not the target market. I adopted the iPad original in September 2010 having waited first to see what all the hype was about. I decided last March I simply couldn’t justify an upgrade – does this make me the perfect iPad 3 candidate? I guess the answer is am I going to buy one? The answer is obvious – YES.
There are many reasons for my decision …
Firstly I am the only iPad user that I know without a camera. I originally thought I didn’t need one but in only a few short months I have come to realise that the iPad camera is more than just a gadget. The ability to make skype calls on the move has over the past year become a critical requirement and in my view the iPhone screen is simply too small to use all of the features available during video calls.
Another key reason is that I am desperate for a better battery life. The iPad original simply cannot stand the levels of usage that I require without having to be charged midway through the afternoon. The rumours that iPad 3 will be thicker than iPad 2 to accommodate a better battery life don’t concern me, I’d much rather have a device that works all day.
The rumoured better screen resolution as a result of the ‘Retina’ display, faster A6 quad core processor, increased 128Mb memory, and the fact that the device will be 4G ready, also clearly have an impact on my wanting the latest device. I am, however, still concerned that Apple will in 12 months-time release another iPad that will make iPad 3 old news.
I’m not sure an iPad upgrade every 12-24 months  can be justified or be sustainable, simply because I don’t know what else I want the device to do. Yes, iPad is useful in my everyday life and has changed the way I think about tablet computing but a part of me wonders how much more my viewpoint can be stretched before I am simply happy with the revolutionary device that fits my everyday need.
Despite this view Apple historically have a tendancy to reinvent the way consumers think about technology. I won’t be surprised when the next feature becomes a core part of my life even though as yet I don’t even know what that feature is!