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iPhone 4s – Is It worth it?

If, like me, you’ve religiously following the iPhone craze since the beginning you too were probably very disappointed when Apple announced last year that they were launching the iPhone 4s and not the iPhone 5.

This decision certainly led me to question whether upgrading from the iPhone 4 to the 4s was worth the time, effort and expense. So much of the decision seemed to rest upon the timescale for the release of the next version of the iPhone …. at least that was my first thought.

iOS 5 released a wealth of new features, many incredibly useful, the new notification centre, the reminders app and Find my friends to name but a few. Initially I thought I had effectively all of the 4s features on my iPhone 4 but then, as people around me started to get the 4s I very quickly found myself craving what I origionally thought was a novelty – I really wanted Siri!

When I first heard about the concept I wasn’t excited, I didn’t see the point of being able to ask my phone to do things, but as I started to see demonstrations of the ease with which the phone could interpret natural language I started to feel that the technology had a natural place in my life.

Earlier today I took the plunge! having wrestled with myself for 4 months I decided I couldn’t do without it any longer. I’ve spent the whole evening playing with Siri and entertaining myself by asking it to find information, set reminders, send text messages and more.

For me the technology is incredibly exciting, not just because of what it can do now but because of the potential it has in the future. The accuracy of the voice regognition is so good that it’s not an unrealistic proposition that it could be extended to simply transcribe what is being said around me, in meetings, on the bus and on the move. The GPS tagging feature could even be used to geotag transcribed voice notes and automatically set reminders to follow up on meeting actions. In many ways this seems to be the beginning of a resolution where computers actually understand and interpret what we want or ask them to do without us taking explicit action!

To return to my initial question, is it worth it? I guess for me it depends if you like useful gadgets. I like new gadgets as long as they are useful. For what it’s cost I think Apple are once again going to have an impact on my life that will change the way I do things and as such I believe iPhone 4s to be worth every penny!